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Electronic form.  Legible and Complete.  Time Efficient.

Would you like your medical practice to be more efficient?

Would you like to save significant staff time in bringing on new patients?

Would you like to make it easier for patients to provide you with health information, or would you like to make it easier for your doctors to read new patient medical records on the first visit?

If your answer is YES to any of these questions, then you want to subscribe to EasyDocsMD. Be more efficient, save staff time and cost in bringing on new patients Make it easier for patients to provide you their health information. Allow doctors to see patient data quickly so they can best care for patients.

Who is EasyDocsMD?
A team of experienced professionals with decades of experience in medical practices, patient-provider communications, medical form design, and flow secure data systems, and processing and healthcare marketing and sales.

So what does EasyDocsMD do?
We take your PDF and paper medical forms, design and digitize them, make it easy for patients to complete and submit securely online, save staff time in processing, and make it easy for doctors to read and care for the patient. Plus EasyDocsMD can integrate your new electronic forms into many electronic health record systems.

What makes EasyDocsMD different?
We’re changing the paradigm in collecting and presenting medical information. You don’t have to be stuck with the printed medical form you adopted 10 years ago and we do all this by doing the work for you so you don’t have to.

You can get started today for free just upload your medical forms and let us get to work. We’ll call you with a free on-boarding phone consult then with your surprisingly affordable payment you get to relax while we do all the work getting your forms launched online. EasyDocsMD is here to make everyone’s life just a little bit easier and bring all medical practices into the 21st century. Upload your forms and get a personal consult session for


About easydocsmd

EasyDocsMD is changing the paradigm for forms. No longer do we need to be stuck with the design of a piece of paper. We’re expert at handling data and giving health professionals and patients alike the information they need in the form they need it.

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