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Frequently Asked Questions about EasyDocsMD

How easy is it to use EasyDocsMD?

The short answer is EASY!  Our purpose is to make medical systems and processes easier than they have been.  We have decades of experience working with medical practices and solving communications problems.  Give us your challenge.  Let us improve your patient on-boarding process.

How do I share EasyDocsMD with my patients?

You place the link and artwork we have sent to you onto your Website on the appropriate page. You may delete the PDF forms you may have used previously.  You can also place the link and artwork into patient emails, and make the link available through your patient portal.

How does my office get started with EasyDocsMD?

Navigate to our Subscribe Today page.  Complete the form on the page and confirm your email address. We automatically set up your account, login credentials and login page.  You upload all your patient intake forms and practice logo into our system.  

What happens when a patient submits intake forms?

Your staff gets notified, you can download the forms as PDF or CSV files, your choice.  You can then upload them or print them into your patient files.

What happens after my forms submission?

We take a few business days to review your forms and create them in our system.  We call out to you with your Membership Welcome Call where you approve your forms and arrange billing. We then take your account public.  We provide you with a link and an EasyDocsMD logo to place on your website and in emails to share with your patients.

Can you integrate patient data into my Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system?

When you Subscribe, we ask which EMR system you have, and can tell you from there.  The short answer is we can integrate with a number of systems, and our list grows over time.  Our intention is to integrate whenever possible, making it easier for you and your staff.

What other improvements will I experience?

1. You will enjoy improved output reporting, designed by physicians.  Related information is grouped together so you quickly understand a patient’s condition during their first visit, without flipping pages.  Time-saving and convenience for all.
2. You will also be the first to see and experience new products and services we are developing for office and care efficiencies.  We will announce our product roadmap during your Subscription with EasyDocsMD.

Other Questions? Just ask….

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