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How to Solve Medical Practice Problems You May Not Know You Have

My name is Joseph Sameh, and I am the co-Founder and President of EasyDocsMD.  Joseph Sameh

My thirty plus year career has been in solving medical practice problems, from both inside the practice as well as outside.  Allow me to explain, and how we might be able to help your practice. 

Medical Practice Manager

I started out managing a rapidly growing podiatry practice in New York City for four years.

That was followed by managing ENT, dentistry, and ophthalmology specialties in Chicago.

In all cases, my time focused on practice growth (averaging up to 7% per year), staffing and training, and what quickly developed as the importance of communications with the patient.  

One day, a female patient came to the ophthalmology office and insisted on speaking with the practice manager – quite unusual. This patient explained to me clearly and concisely that she had been a long term patient and was ready to leave our practice, but felt loyalty to the doctor. She described terrible experience with the phones and after hours service. She told me that other patients shared this in the waiting room as well.  I thanked this patient profusely.

I looked through files to identify those who had not been seen for an excessively long time. I called patients to learn why they were missing in action. To my horror, all these patients had called the office with the same disastrous effect. They needed to schedule an appointment for surgery and were met with such surliness and lack of care by the call takers, that they took their eyes and their insurance elsewhere.

Answering Service Management

We quickly replaced our free in-hospital call center and hired a company called TeleConnect. The following 12 months our revenue increased by almost 54%. In addition, I decided to purchase TeleConnect. I knew that doctors were hungry for good service, they just didn’t know it. I quickly changed the name to MediConnect and focused it exclusively on medical communications. We even established the PhoneScreen division to service global pharmaceutical company clients.

Almost twenty five years later when we sold MediConnect we were responsible to 17,000 medical practices across the US accepting and processing over 10 million live phone calls annually. We were recognized with long term contracts by our clients for our high quality, as we served everything from small practices and county health departments to some of the largest medical providers and hospitals in the US. 


I found in semi-retirement that I still had energy and motivation to solve problems in medical practices.  Inspired by two friends in the industry, who are now my partners, we’ve identified new and high tech ways to solve current day issues.

Hence, we have founded EasyDocsMD.  We’re changing the paradigm for forms, data collection, and presentation.  No longer do we need to be stuck with the design of a piece of paper. We’re expert at handling data and giving health professionals and patients alike the information they need in the form they need it. We’re selling BETTER forms.

Our two minute video on the home page explains it quicker than I can do here, so please watch.

In addition, I have to say how proud I am of the team we have assembled – each an expert in different facets of management, communications, marketing, data processing, and secure systems.  You couldn’t find a better group to help take a look at and help you solve process challenges in your office.

Let us know how we can help you.  We’re available and raring to work with you on improving your practice.


Joseph Sameh

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