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We’re changing the paradigm for forms.  No longer do we need to be stuck with the design of a piece of paper.
We’re expert at handling data and giving health professionals and patients alike
the information they need in the form they need it.

Joseph Sameh

Joe is a former manager of several healthcare practices.
Understanding the problems doctors had with answering services, he founded a health care call center which grew to serving 17,000 medical practices, hospitals, and other healthcare entities nationwide, and processing over 10,000,000 live calls annually with 99.6% first call complete rate.

He holds a patent on patient portal technology and pioneered the concept of centralized patient recruitment for drug and device studies.  He co-authored the “Guide to Patient Recruitment” and “Guide to Patient Recruitment, Retention, and Compliance.”

Known as a thought leader and for changing paradigms, he is interested in continuing to improve patient – provider communications.
EasyDocsMD is his latest contribution to his health care communications expertise.

Gregori Kanatzidis

Gregori is an entrepreneur and software engineer with extensive experience designing, building, and delivering products in the web and mobile space. His accomplishments include launching products that support high-volume ecommerce for more than 600 physical locations across the United States.

He is well-versed in the critical needs of privacy and security in software and brings that knowledge to EasyDocMD’s IT and engineering operations.

Jonathan Marx, MBA

Jonathan has a distinguished career in communications, multi-media and education.  He has been in healthcare since 2001 as President of several startups in medical education initiatives for healthcare professionals and public education projects. 

He has grown businesses in medical writing training providing training webinars and materials for the staff of the US Centers for Disease Control and medical writers from thirty countries since 2011. 

He has been President of InQuill Medical Communications, LLC which has written technical papers for numerous large organizations and grants, as well as founded worldwide initiatives on adult ADHD and connections between nutrition and mental health in teamwork with world-renown specialists.

Prior to his healthcare endeavors, Marx served as Senior Executive in numerous communications companies – as Senior Vice President for Viacom Cable, VP of Strategy for the Pacific Bell Yellow Pages, and President of ISP Channel, a pioneer in high-speed internet.

Julie Knytych Nabors, MA

Julie is an experienced Sales and Business Development professional with a passion for health, wellness and education.  After finishing her stint as an accomplished Division 1 and Professional Voleyball player, she earned her Masters Degree In Education. Her competitive nature coupled with love of learning is what brought her into the Sales and Biz Dev space she excels in today. 

For the last 5 years she has consulted with Health Care Providers to develop various programs and revenues stream which benefit not only the patient, but the Provider’s practice as well. As a consultant, Julie is able to bring her ability to connect players in the cannabis space together with the healthcare  world to further the mission of EasyDocsMD. 


Mike Shaub, MD

Mike Shaub, MD is a general practice physician and entrepreneur. After graduating from Georgetown medical school, he practiced in the Air Force for 4 years working with U2 (spy plane) pilots. For 2 of those years, he also served as the Medical Director for multiple clinics. After separating from the Air Force, he attended Stanford’s MBA program. He currently is involved with multiple health related startups ranging from medical devices and pharmaceuticals to health administration. 

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