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Electronic form.  Legible and Complete.  Time Efficient.

Introducing EasyDocsMD

The new, easy online digital patient intake forms for your healthcare practice.
Time-saving for staff, easier for patients, intuitive medical reporting for patient care.

Save time and money.

  • Complete and legible patient information

    No more incomplete and illegible patient handwriting.  Get the full story from the patient the first time, and minimize go-backs and questions.  EasyDocsMD makes life easier on everyone.  App works on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

  • Time-saving for patients and office staff

    Patients complete their information online on your website, prior to or at their appointment.  Your support staff are notified and download the form and insert it into your paper or electronic file.  Time-savings of up to 20 minutes per patient.  Happier patients.  Happier staff.

  • Smart forms expand as needed

    Our smart forms expand to collect further details as the patient completes the form.  As needed.  

  • Convenient forms link on your website

    An attractive button and link is placed on your website that enables form completion with the click of a button, and download to your office upon submission.

  • Report output designed by doctors, for doctors

    Forget flipping pages or screens to get the full story on a diagnosis.  View it all in one place.

  • Works on all Connected Media

    EasyDocsMD works great on desktops, laptops, tablets and phones, for patient convenience.  Your patients will be so much happier and probably tell you about it.

  • Improved Intuitive Reporting

    Medically intuitive data presentation (visualization) improves speed to understanding the new patient. 

Sample Screenshots

Legible, easy, smart patient forms expand as more information is needed.

1. Branded pages, easy to complete and read

2. Forms expand vertically as needed, for more information

3. Forms expand horizontally, for more information as needed

How happy will you be?

Everyone spends more time on what’s important.

Happier Staff

Happier Patients

Happier You

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